I Transformed This $4 Jacket Into This!

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I picked up this jacket at Target on clearance for $4 but it needs some work. Let's tailor it to make it look expensive together!

First thing we need to do is measure it. I'm taking off an inch and a quarter off of the side seams, and I'm taking off an inch on the sleeves. I have to take off so much that it runs really close to the pockets, but that's okay, most of you won't have this problem at all.

Now it's time to sew it, and we just need to follow along where our sewing pins are. I ended up having my thread break, which is ok, just start off where you left off before, it happens. We're also using a denim needle for the first time because this is a thicker jacket so we want to make sure that we use the right needle for it.

I usually finish my seams with a zigzag stitch, but this time we will be using some pinking shears. They're great because they cut a zigzag pattern in our seam to prevent it from fraying.

And that's it! This jacket looks better than every other jacket that I own, and it was only $4!!

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Brush patterns and shapes were provided by https://www.brusheezy.com




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