Superb Hot Arabic Belly Dance AIDA

تحميل الفيديو بأكثر من جوده واكثر من امتداد

  شارك   ابلاغ!   وصف الفيديو

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Aida Bogomolova was born in the city of Khabarovsk, in Far East. She has been going in for dancing since her childhood. At the age of six she was impressed by Indian dancing and starting from the age of ten she has been taking part in different dancing contests and participated in the local TV programs.

At the age of seventeen Aida was invited to the theatre of "Scenic miniatures", where she worked for a long time as a solo dancer and performed in many cities of the region: Krasnoyarsk, Chita, Tomsk, Omsk and the other cities of Russia. In her repertoire Aida performed Indian (bollywood style) and oriental dances, worked together with fakir.

At the age of nineteen Aida entered "Pacific National University", where she founded her own School of the Oriental Dancing. Within the period beginning from 2000 to 2007 school "Aida" won a lot of prizes in the dancing contests in Khabarovsk region.
In 2006 the school "Aida" won the First prize in the nomination "Oriental" in the All-Russian Festival "Student's Spring 2006". Aida was a producer and a choreographer in her dancing school as well as a solo dancer and the designer of the costumes of her show group.

From 2004 she regularly visited Moscow workshops of some famous Russian and Egyptian choreographers of Belly dance: Tito, Yousri Sharif, Aida Nour, Tatyana Fedyayeva (Nour), Marianna Smirnova-Seslavinskaya, Farida Fahmi, Saida, Zaina and some others.

She has been living in two cities (Khabarovsk and Moscow) for a long time.
Moscow has given her new opportunities to reveal and develop her talents, to learn more important information about dancing and to create her first fabulous projects.
Khabarovsk is her home-land where she has been interviewed very often by the local journalists and TV men.

In 2007 Aida took a decision to move to Moscow. She was involved in some show projects and performed with Turetsky Choir, Ishtar Alabina, Sergey Zhukov.

In October 2008 Aida participated in International Festival of Oriental Dancing Assembly, where she got the Second prize in the nomination "Professionals"

In May 2009 she got the First prize in the contest organized by Irina Popova in the Center of the Oriental Dancing. The contest was held for the professionals and the world-known orchestra from Lebanon was invited there.

In October 2009 she won the First prize in the Fourth International Festival of Oriental Assembly in Moscow with the assistance of the International Associations of the Egyptian Actors in nomination "Professionals".

May 20, 2010 - International Oriental Dance Festival "Tariq El - Nougoum". In the nomination "Raks Al - Sharqi Professionals" - I place.

The 2-nd International Festival "Tariq El - Nougoum", May 12 - 15, 2011.
The "Queen of Raqs Al Sharki" - I place - AIDA
Improvisation (balady) - I place - AIDA
Folklore - I place - AIDA
Classical Raqs Al Sharki - I place - AIDA

Dancing was and is still playing the most important role in her life!
She enjoys dancing and makes people happy! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)